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2012 Highlights

Successful implementation of our innovative development and technological modernisation programme.

  • Capital investment multiplies 1.5 times, topping RUB 22 billion.

The Company retains its position as a global leader in diamond mining. Production levels are at 34,420 thousand carats, corresponding to a 27% share of diamond mining worldwide. (KPI = 34,352 thousand carats).

  • Diamond reserves increased by +35.8 million carats in 2012 (KPI = 35 million carats).

Strategic investment projects realised:

  • The Aikhal mine reaches design capacity of 500,000 tonnes of ore;
  • ore production at the Mir mine increased from 340 to 497 thousand tonnes;
  • the tunneling section of the Udachny mine is fully stocked with personnel and tunnelling and mining equipment. The shaft raising and maintenance section has been organised. The first stage of the first start-up complex at Udachny mine is launched.

The 2013-2015 sales policy for ALROSA Group is approved.

Net profit hits a record level of RUB 39.7 billion

  • The minimum dividend payout is increased to 25% of net profit, as determined on the basis of consolidated IFRS financials.
  • The total volume of payouts for 2012 stands at RUB 8,175.1 million, which corresponds to RUB 1.11 per common share.

In April 2012 shares of OJSC ALROSA are included in the A2 list of the Russian stock exchange, and in September 2012 are upgraded to the top list, A1.

The actual sales effectiveness ratio for ALROSA Group is 1.63.

A long-term development program, 2012-2021 for ALROSA is approved.

The volume of purchases, by value, via ALROSA’s own electronic commerce platform on the Company’s website is at 39% (KPI = 30%).

The realisation of a Long-term programme of activities to optimise the structure of OJSC ALROSA’s subsidiaries and affiliates.

ALROSA’s Social Policy 2012-2021 has been formulated and inaugurated.

Corporate programmes for mortgage lending, insurance, medical services, and retirement benefits are in place. A series of decisions has allowed for the creation of a non-commercial entity to serve facilities for pre-school-age children.

The Company’s credit rating rises (Moody’s raises the Ba3 rating forecast from “stable” to “positive”).

The GRI credit rating rises to «А+»

The share of direct contracts with materials and equipment manufacturers increases to 50.1% (KPI = 50%).

A subsidiary named ALROSA Airlines is launched.

The consolidation of 100% of the shares of CJSC Geotransgaz (GTG) and a 100% share in Urengoy Gas Company LLC (UGK) is completed.

CJSC Geotransgaz begins industrial production and transmission of gas into the OJSC Gasprom gas pipeline in Western Siberia.