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Internal Audit Commission

In accordance with Russian Federation legislation and ALROSA’s Charter, the Internal Audit Commission is elected by the General Meeting of the shareholders in order to monitor the Company’s financial and business activities and observance of Russian Federation laws. The Internal Audit Commission is elected as a five-person body that serves until the next Annual General Meeting of the Company’s shareholders.

Сomposition of the Internal Audit Commission:

  1. GLINOV, Andrey Vladimirovich — Deputy Director of the Russian Finance Ministry’s administrative department, Chairman of the Internal audit commission.
  2. BORISOVSKY, Yevgeny Sergeevich — Chief Specialist and Expert in the department for the organisation of the fuel, energy and coal industry, the management of infrastructure industries and organisations in the military-industrial complex at the Federal State Property Management Agency.
  3. VASILYEVA, Anna Ivanovna — Head of the department for the property of the diamond complex and lending and insurance organisations at the Ministry of Property and Land Relations of Sakha Republic (Yakutia).
  4. KONONOVA, Nadezhda Yegorovna — Deputy Chief Executive of OJSC Republican Investment Company.
  5. FEDOTOV, Vladislav Yevgenyevich — Senior Vice-President at AKB Strategiya.

During the period in which the members of the internal audit commission discharged their duties in 2012, no remuneration was paid, and costs relating to the discharge of their duties were not reimbursed.