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Disclosure of information

In order to improve the quality of its corporate governance, ALROSA pays considerable attention to information transparency and cooperation with stakeholder companies. In 2012, the annual reports of the Company (annual and social/environmental) were published on corporate website in an interactive form. In addition, in the reporting year ALROSA set up a special trading website (, which became a tool with which to inform the professional community of the functioning of the Company’s sales system and the rules governing its work with clients.

During the year, official information bulletins were distributed on a daily basis and a number of major review publications were arranged in print and online media, as well as via news agencies. In 2012, a total of 32 press releases and more than 40 expanded express commentaries were compiled and issues on topical issues relating to the Company’s activities. Reports on ALROSA’s activities were also produced and broadcast on Russian and foreign television channels, including interviews with the Company’s management. In 2012 the Company organised trips to Northern Yakutia for groups of representatives from local, national and foreign television channels and print media. More than 4,500 different items were published in 2012 in connection with various aspects of ALROSA’s activities.