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Тhe annual report of OJSC ALROSA for 2012 (hereinafter referred to as " Annual report“) has been prepared on the basis of information available to OJSC ALROSA at the time of preparation. This Annual report contains forecasting statements in regard to business operations, economic indicators, financial state, as well as future events and/or actions, the expected results of activities and growth prospects.

Forecasting statements in this Annual report may be identified by the presence of terms such as “expect”, “believe”, “forecast”, “plan”, “evaluate”, “is planning to”, “will [do]”, “could [do]” and other such expressions, either in the affirmative or the negative. These statements are forecasts, and actual events or results may differ from them substantially. OJSC ALROSA does not undertake to update such statements with the aim of reflecting events or circumstances arising after the date of the Annual report’s preparation, or with the aim of reflecting unforeseeable events. Many factors may cause substantial differences between actual results and results included in the Annual report’s forecasting statements — including, among others, the state of the economy, the competitive landscape, technological changes, and other factors.

The name ALROSA and OJSC ALROSA used in the Annual report may mean OJSC ALROSA or, depending on the context, OJSC ALROSA as well as its subsidiaries and affiliates. The name ALROSA Group, as used in the Annual report, means OJSC ALROSA and its subsidiaries and affiliates.