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Protecting the environment

ALROSA is well aware of the need for a continued reduction of its environmental impact and for strict compliance with Russian and international environmental norms. The Company’s efforts in this area are based on a realisation that its own interests and the interests of the region where it operates are tightly intertwined.

In 2011 the Environment Ministry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) approved the Company’s Comprehensive Programme of Environmental Protection Measures for 2011-2018. The programme includes measures to protect and restore the environment, and to safeguard the environmental safety of the public living near the Company’s facilities.

1 116,1

RUB mln
expenditures under the Comprehensive Programme of Environmental Protection of OJSC ALROSA

The investment component of that programme is part of the ALROSA Long-Term Development Plan for 2012-2021. Some of the measures, such as the construction and refurbishment of sewage treatment systems in Lensk, Udachny and Aikhal, have been implemented ahead of schedule. The Company is also considering the possibility of increasing its spending on such facilities as the drainage and mine water pumping station at the Levoberezhny block.

In 2012, the Company spent RUB 1,116.1 million under the Comprehensive Programme of Environmental Protection Measures, up from 729.4 million in 2011.

ALROSA’s environmental protection measures receive adequate funding and meet all the requirements of the relevant supervisory agencies, as well as the high environmental expectations of this day and age.