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HR Policy

The people working for ALROSA are the foundation of its future achievements. That is why an ethical and socially responsible HR policy is one of the Company’s key priorities. Providing incentives and appropriate compensation for the professional contribution of every employee, supporting talent, and enabling specialists, allowing them to fulfill their potential — these are some of the main goals of the corporate HR policy. The Company aims to foster a corporate culture that achieves success through professional and personal growth of its employees. To that end it offers a comprehensive programme of developing professional skills, modern remuneration mechanisms, and a flexible system of social benefits. ALROSA wants its employees to see the Company as the best employer for them.

The Company operates in an environment that does not offer easy access to the labour market. That is why it prioritises staff retention and development, as well as programmes to recruit specialists with qualifications that are in short supply, and offers incentives to attract young talent.


graduates employed

In 2012, the Company achieved its key targets in terms of providing sufficient manpower for its new Mir, Aikhal and Udachny mines by means of training specialists at its own Staff Training Centre. In 2012 ALROSA also recruited 271 university and specialty-school graduates.

The training programmes are centralised at the Staff Training Centre, which operates several training facilities. In addition, young specialists and technicians are trained at the ANO Regional Technical College, the No 28 and 30 vocational schools, and the Mirny Technical School.

The corporate training programme includes more than 102 specialist and general courses. A total of 4,295 people completed one of the professional training courses in 2012; another 4,316 took shorter training sessions.


average salary growth

A total of 9,204 managers and specialists availed themselves of various forms of training in 2012, up from 5,737 in 2011. Out of that number, 8,936 were trained at the Staff Training Centre, up from 5,468 in 2011.

The Company also employs staff on a rotating and temporary basis for various short-term projects in remote locations, including construction projects; all of these projects also employ local staff as a matter of policy. Specialists are often brought in on a rotational basis from other parts of Russia or from CIS countries owing to the shortage of qualified specialists in Yakutia, including high-grade electric welders, steel frame assembly specialists, drilling machinery operators, underground electricians, shaftmen, etc. Also, using temporary staff sometimes makes better sense economically. In 2012, the Company employed 420 specialists brought from other parts of Russia on a rotational basis for temporary assignments.

79 077 

average monthly salary

The Company employed a total of 31,373 people as of 31 December 2012. The average wage in 2012, at RUB 79,077.3, was up 25.7% on the previous year.

In accordance with the Regulation on Private Pension Provision for ALROSA Employees, in 2012 the Company began to pay non-state pensions to 898 employees who had reached the threshold age, and to 17 individuals who had lost a breadwinner in their families. The company paid RUB 1,172.4 million into the Almaznaya Osen private pension fund.